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Partners for Change

We are a woman- and minority-owned small business with a 20-year track-record of building the capacity of higher education and non-profit institutions seeking and managing federal grants. We collaborate with a full spectrum of workforce and education partners across the US.

A Nonprofit for K-12 Education

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This organization leads statewide efforts to increase equitable access to computer science education in K-12 schools.  They were ready to scale up their impact, and sought strategic guidance and aligned operational support. We've helped them develop long term roadmapping, while guiding restructuring of all their systems for federal compliance. We've also mentored five new Principal Investigators to date, and secured three NSF grants totaling $5M in less than three years.

An R1 University

Even highly successful institutions need additional capacity from time to time, and we've provided this institution agency-specific strategic guidance, grant writing and post-award support for compliance and project launch. Our collaboration with this university funded an innovative platform that brings state-of-the-art and industry-aligned AI and ML curricula to community colleges.


A Philanthropic Organization


This international corporate foundation employs a funding multiplier strategy to build computing workforce capacity, especially in rural America. Through their investments, we've brought our expertise to community colleges, R1 Universities, and non-profits resulting in more than $18M in grants from the Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Labor, and National Science Foundation, since 2020. We've also helped those institutions develop new nationwide partnerships, increasing capacity for future grants.

A Land Grant University

This rural HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) is located in an economically challenged community, and they are passionate about supporting not only their students, but all the constituents in their service area. We've partnered with them to build new regional relationships, writing a successful grant proposal for providing mobile internet trucks, IT help desks in community centers, and 24/7 access to broadband at libraries and other locations.


Working With the Best Clients & Partners

“We faced the daunting prospect of assembling a federal grant by ourselves—something we’d struggle to do at all, let alone well.  However, with Trivium's support, the process and product were fantastic.”

Steve Day

Cherry Creek Innovation Campus

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