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Are You Ready to Scale Your Social Impact?

Trivium Consulting is your strategic partner for building collaborations, securing grants, and scaling capacity.


We combine extensive agency and foundation experience with a broad network of researchers, educators, and social innovators to position your organization within the landscape of federal and foundation funding.

We provide capacity-building strategies and training, maximizing your impact and advancing your vision for a better world.


We work with you to create a customized  development program and a sustainable funding model based  

on an in-depth analysis of your organization's goals and capabilities.


Our relationships and experience bring expert advisors and new collaborators to your cause, ensuring stronger proposals and programs.



From ideation and grant writing, to award negotiation and management, we are dedicated partners, focused on leveraging your current work for new opportunities.





We take the time to understand your organization’s goals, mission, and culture, applying that knowledge to efficient and effective development strategies.



Assess your current position for obtaining government or foundation funding ​​


Guide your organization through a process of self-investigation and analysis, defining its needs in the grant research and dissemination cycle 


Develop a customized roadmap of short-term and long-term funding opportunities that align with your mission and activities


Provide ongoing consultation on emerging federal funding initiatives which map to your mission and internal capacity​​


We cultivate innovative relationships, enabling your organization to build partnerships that strengthen program services and proposal development.


Advise on opportunities that increase your partner engagement, providing mutual growth and sustainability


Introduce you to potential partners whose strengths complement yours, increasing your funding success

Foster your relationships with granting agencies, positioning your organization to pursue multiple funding sources

Research and coordinate meetings with key agency officials, supporting the creation of briefing materials for those presentations


We employ an efficient and effective grant development process, with a proven methodology of planning and iteration.



Provide a spectrum of proposal writing services from single review and editing, to full-scale grant writing and mock peer review panels


Produce webinars and white papers informing your staff of emerging funding opportunities


Create a customized Proposal Outline that interprets each solicitation’s requirements, and provides the initial outline for the narrative


​​Manage the proposal development process, identifying roles and responsibilities, and coordinating timelines

Assist in responding to agency questions and final award negotiation



We advise on resource alignment, training, and other systemic changes that increase your internal capacity for pursuing and managing large-scale grants. 


Review your capacity for managing large-scale federal and foundation grants, including accounting and reporting compliance


​​Recommend changes to streamline your compliance processes and assist with grant implementation


Assist with the preparation of required reports, outreach presentations, and other publications, including writing, editing, video production, and design services

Provide compliancy procedures training to your project and administrative staff 


Our Team

Anna Suarez


Anna is the founder of Trivium Consulting, a woman- and minority-owned small business committed to serving mission-driven organizations. For more than twenty years, she has provided strategic counsel to large and small education nonprofits and associations, university research centers, school districts, and museums.  She continually positions clients for successful funding with her keen understanding of agency goals and requirements, experience building partnerships, and expertise in guiding proposal development and review.


Before launching Trivium Consulting, Anna was an Associate Vice President of the Implementation Group, Inc. (TIG), where she provided strategic grant services to STEM organizations. Prior to TIG, she spent several years at the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Program Director in the Division of Research and Learning where she worked extensively with STEM projects to promote mathematics reform efforts.


Meighan Maloney

Projects & Content

Meighan leads Trivium's proposal ideation, development, and writing—supporting clients in achieving their mission. She guides the work of Trivium's researchers and writers and coordinates with the Operations and Compliance team to ensure all proposals are fully responsive and competitive. Prior to her work with Trivium, Meighan was a Client Lead for Clarity Innovations, spearheading the development and creation of online educational experiences for Fortune 500 companies, IHE’s, and non-profits. She was a co-founder and CEO of Dawson Media Group, a mission-driven company leveraging federal grants to create programs for libraries and museums, professional development for teachers, and K-12 classroom materials. She has been named as a co-PI on three NSF grants and one NOAA grant, each focused on STEM education and research. Meighan began her grant writing career in the PBS system where she served as the Series Manager for the Emmy-award winning Newton’s Apple, and later as the Executive Producer for Educational Media, in each case successfully pursuing federal and foundation grants from NSF, NOAA, NIH, US Dept. of Ed, US Dept. of Justice, and private foundations. Meighan maintains a greater than 70% proposal success rate annually. 


Maribeth Mattingly

Business Operations

Maribeth covers all aspects of organizational planning and finance for Trivium Consulting. She has over 35 years of experience in higher education administration overseeing software developers in the design and implementation of admissions (undergraduate and graduate), registration, and contracts and grants accounting systems.  She was instrumental in designing the first data warehouse for a 4-year research institution, which brought data storage and analysis out of the central administration and into offices campuswide. She developed project management tools for large-scale software development projects increasing efficiency, accountability, and communications during a project’s life-cycle.


Ken Mayer

Strategy & Development

Ken is a communications and development executive with extensive expertise in education, research, and policy. For Trivium client services, Ken is responsible for inter-project communications and ensuring all stakeholders are brought to the table and heard.  He works in close coordination with Trivium’s Project Managers to ensure all projects are fully supported by resources and communication processes. Prior to joining Trivium Consulting, he led the Institutional Development Department for TERC, a stem-focused nonprofit education research, and development organization with annual grant revenue of $8 - $12 million. At TERC he supported a network of senior researchers in identifying and securing funding and was responsible for creating and implementing their public affairs and communications plan. In addition to leading their digital communications strategy, he served as media spokesperson, organized symposia and conference events, and was the editor of their Hands On! magazine disseminated to 25,000 educators annually.

Christine Maloney

Grant Compliance

Christine oversees the project management and compliance capacity-building work for Trivium Consulting. She has been deeply involved in the development, management, and oversight of federal and foundation-funded projects for more than 25 years. She pursued this work as the Director of National Production and later as the Executive Director of Project Administration at Twin Cities Public Television (PBS), where she also served as the Federal Compliance Officer. During her tenure at TPT, she administered more than 45 million dollars in federal and foundation awards and designed the company’s compliance and documentation systems, which saw them successfully through multiple federal and foundation audits.


Laura Rodman
Grant Writing

Laura has over 25 years of experience writing award-winning grant proposals (DOD, DOE, NIH, NSF, U.S. Dept of ED, USDA), and provides a full range of professional development services including proposal editing, reviewing, and coaching of STEM faculty.


Jordan Gertner
Researcher and Writer

A recent graduate of Pomona College, Jordan excels in data analysis, research, and writing supporting proposal development. She also investigates the funding landscape for various sectors in order to connect clients with relevant grant opportunities.


Beatrice Arendt
Project Management

Beatrix has more than 20 years of experience in program development and management, having developed budget management strategies for multi-million dollar grants.


Elizabeth Tobias
Grant Writing & Project Management

Elizabeth has been a successful grant writer for arts-based organizations for more than fifteen years and has managed projects in arts education programming, live theatre production, independent film production, and commercial post-production. 


Marcie Walsh
Project Management

As a college educator and administrative director, Marcie has excellent project management, implementation, and evaluation skills



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